Workshop: The Money Mastery Matrix: Transform Your Financial Reality!

Business Savvy


Presented by: Taunya Woods Richardson, CMC


In this dynamic workshop, Taunya’s master will help you transform your financial reality by taking you through a deep dive into the areas that can affect our success.


Money Management:  Earn.  Save. Share.  Spend. Invest.  Five simple words.  And yet taking action in one – let alone all – of these areas can be a challenge regardless of whether you’re applying them to business or personal finances. Simplifying a topic that many in the industry have over-complicated, Taunya will show you how to assemble and translate your financial data into a meaningful management tool.  She’ll help you to face your financial fears and futures, and uncover exactly where you’re at, where you plan to be, and how you plan to get there. You’ll also benefit from tools, templates and techniques that will keep you motivated towards taking consistent steps with managing our money.


Money Mindfulness:  discover the limiting beliefs and behaviors guiding your financial decisions.  Through the combined sciences of epigenetics, behavioral-finance and neuro-economics, you’ll discover your “financial programming”, when it first took hold, and where it’s subconsciously stored.  Anxiety, fear, worry and stress can all be forms of your unconscious inheritance. By recognizing and rewiring the invisible forces controlling your actions, you gain the power to release, and reprogram your connection with money.

Money Motivation:  We all have dreams and desires.  Some – perhaps many – have price tags attached.  The third and final key to unlocking the door to money mastery lies is knowing and understanding the real motivation behind your desires.  Ask why you want it, and the true motivation will be revealed.  Is it money? Or perhaps, is there another, more powerful, denominator at the root of your desires?


The learning objectives for this session include:

  • Learn how to use a bottom-up approach to build a business budget

  • Learn how to plan for profitability

  • Identify the major themes and beliefs sabotaging your financial health

  • Explore simple tools to reframe destructive habits into positive ones

  • Tap into the true power behind your financial motives.


Participation in this workshop is encouraged for business owners and employees alike, as the information can be applied to your personal practice or the financial affairs of your clients.  This workshop is for you if you (or your clients) would like to:

  • Achieve a healthy return on their investment of time and money into the business

  • Be fairly compensated for their services

  • Price their products and services for value and for profit

  • Eliminate financial fear, dread and anxiety

  • Build financial confidence and security!

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